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kiera smalls
Executive Director

Kiera Smalls is an advocate for equity, entrepreneurship, and wellness. As Executive Director for Philly Startup Leaders, Kiera supports founders by providing them with the education, mentorship, and network needed to build a startup in the city. 

Before joining PSL, Kiera was part of the startup behind Indego bike share where she managed marketing, communications, and national equity efforts. She is also the co-founder of a wellness company for women.

Kiera reminds us all that the key ingredient to being a true steward of success is paying it forward. She believes that voices from all communities deserve a seat at the table. Even if that means building a bigger table. 

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Jaclyn Allen
Head of programs

Jaclyn Allen is a strategic connector and community builder. As Head of Programs for Philly Startup Leaders, Jaclyn works closely with founders of all stages to effectively connect them to the resources they need the most. She does this through overseeing the development and execution of the Founded in Philly Accelerator, Start.Stay.Grow U, and 1 Million Cups Philadelphia.

Before joining PSL, Jaclyn taught high school students with disabilities the skills needed to retain employment. She went on to work for a startup that taught similar job-readiness skills using technology.

It was this introduction to the Philly startup community, along with her passion for helping people, that led her to Philly Startup Leaders.

Board of Directors

Jenn Maher.jpg

Jenn Maher
President; CEO of 1776


AJ Bruno
COFOUNDER & CEO, quotapath


Brigitte Daniel
evp, wilco electronic systems


Jon Gosier

FOunder & CEO, southbox ventures


Luke Butler
sr. Director, comcast Lift labs


Morgan Berman
Founder & ceo, milkcrate


Todd Outten

Principal Architect, comcast


bob Moore
Chair; cofounder & ceo, crossbeam


Brianna Wonko
cofounder & ceo, group k diagnostics


Christopher Wink
COFOUNDER & ceo, media


Liz Brown
partner & ceo, BCK Group


Michelle Berkoben
partner, wipfli


Rudy Ellis
CoFounder & CEO, switchboard live

Past Board of Directors and Advisors include:

Gloria Bell, Doug Bellenger, Chris Cera, Danielle Cohn, Brad Denenberg, Jameson Detweiler, Colin Evans, Emily Foote, Steve Goodman*, Cristina Greysman, Blake Jennelle, Neil Kleinman, Frank Koehl, Josh Kopelman, Prasanna Krishnan, Bob Moul, Aaron McLean, Rick Nucci, Tim Raybould, Patricia Tawadros, Wil Reynolds, Gabe Weinberg, Tracey Welson-Rossman, Patty Tawadros, Brock Weatherup, Yuval Yarden