Startup Leader Spotlight: Thomas Dixon

Thomas Dixon

Inventor + CEO, ME.mory
LinkedIn | @thomasadixonjr
Facebook | @thomasanthonydixonjr

Meet Thomas Dixon, the inventor and CEO of Me.mory, a digital memory app offering a modern way for you to organize and remember your life. Though Me.mory was first created out of personal necessity, it is now useable by anybody who wishes to more accurately preserve their memories (or memories of loved ones).

On November 22, 2010 Dixon was hit by a car which caused him to develop severe episodic memory loss, which he describes as “a near-total inability to recall the events of my life.” Fast-forward to 2018 when Dixon placed 2nd in the Social Impact Track of Temple University’s 2018 Be Your Own Boss Bowl for the very tool he created as a result of that car accident.

When we asked Dixon why he chose to startup in Philadelphia answered, “Philly is my native city. It is my background. It’s also an exciting time for startups in Philadelphia, with many business pitch competitions and incubator spaces to foster development and ideas. … I feel as if I fit in readily to the development ecosystem that has been emerging within our city.”

Listen to this great Philly Who podcast interview (led by Kevin Chemidlin) to learn more about Thomas’s origin story and plans for the future of Me.mory.

What is the single-most valuable habit or tool you’ve used to set yourself up for success?

Flexibility. As long as I can reach a desirable result with my efforts, then exactly how I managed to do so is unimportant.”

What is the next goal or milestone you are working toward?

I have written and twice-edited my memoir, tentatively-titled “I’m Sorry… That’s Awesome!”. Reaching the “right time” for releasing that book, such has been an important goal given how I went to the effort of writing it by reading from my own ME.mory from start to finish.”

What is something you struggle with?

“Having to distinguish for others the distinction between how I use ME.mory and how beneficial it is to people overall. It is strange to consider “memory loss” as something that only some of us have, when instead nearly all of us are forgetting the overwhelming majority of life events we experience.”

What impact do you hope to make with your work? (in your community, in your company, in your industry, etc.)?

“I seek to change the standard of care for our need-based users, given how medical institutions still do not act at times as if we do have computers in our pockets.”

To connect with Thomas Dixon – Inventor and CEO of Me.mory – visit:

LinkedIn | @thomasadixonjr
Facebook | @thomasanthonydixonjr

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