Introducing Founded in Philly (Accelerator)


The “PSL Accelerator,” Philly Startup Leaders’ accelerator program that has helped 44 companies establish themselves in Philadelphia over the past 6 years is growing.

Come 2020, the PSL Accelerator will be housed under the name Founded in Philly, and will include two 12-week programs per year. The first program caters to Idea Stage entrepreneurs and the second program caters to MVP Stage entrepreneurs (already have a minimum viable product).

This evolution will allow PSL to reach more entrepreneurs: impacting 40+ startups in just one year as compared to 44 companies over the past six (2014-2019). Read on to learn more!

What is Founded in Philly?

This accelerator is comprised of two 12-week programs: the Idea Stage program and the MVP Stage program. Both will consist of experiential learning workshops led by startup leaders and will embed founders into a supportive entrepreneurial network to accelerate business growth.

Founded in Philly will align naturally and strategically with PSL’s most impactful and historically significant events. The Idea Stage program will lead up to Entrepreneur Expo, preparing new entrepreneurs to demo at Philly’s largest tech trade show during Philly Tech Week. The MVP Stage program will lead up to Founder Factory, preparing high-quality startups to showcase their businesses to local and national startup leaders and investors.  

Upon completion of the programs, all participants will join our alumni network and continue to grow their businesses.

Who is Founded In Philly for?

Early-stage entrepreneurs

  • Individuals with an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit (“Future Founders”) should apply for the Idea Stage program taking place February - April. 

  • Entrepreneurs with a minimal viable product (“Current Founders”) should apply for the MVP Stage program taking place September - November 2020.


To reach more entrepreneurs and have a greater impact on current and future founders. Idea-stage and MVP-stage entrepreneurs are distinct target groups that require different resources and approaches. We have established two different learning paths, creating a natural progression from ideation to growth.

How does it work?

Founded in Philly’s Idea Stage program teaches future founders the mindset, skills, and endurance needed to pursue entrepreneurship. 20 - 30 entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in this 12-week program taking place from February - April. The program includes weekly sessions  (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm) + Office Hours with community leaders and peer mentors.  

Cost to participate: $250 per person. Scholarships and payment plans will be available.

Founded in Philly’s MVP Stage program (minimal valuable product) teaches current founders the networking, story-telling, and fundraising skills needed to build a sustainable company. 10 startups will be selected to participate in this 12 week-program taking place from September - December. The program includes weekly sessions (3:00 pm - 7:00 pm) + Office Hours with community leaders and more advanced mentors. 

Cost to participate: $500 per startup.

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